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trollscole's Journal

Jean Descole
4 September
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akubadain, ambrosia, animals, archeology, being a 3d derp, being a bitch, being a male bunkhouse, being a slut, being extremely fabulous, being fabulous, being fabulouser than clive, being pedo for self, being rich, being seductive, being sexy, bitching, blackmailing people, buying lando, chaining people to beds, chance acquaintances, coming, coming anyway, corsets, cross dressing, easy virtue, fabulous violin music, fairies, fapping, feather boas, fessah, finding out gossip, fine wine, fishnets, france, fuckery, gayness, getting people pregnant, having an amazing figure, inappropriate photos, kill all the people, knowing everything, lace, ladies underwear, laughing evilly, layton, lolita, luke triton, making death machines, manipulation, masks, men, mindfuckery, minecraft, modelling, my list, my sharon wig, not being rejected, not having boa stolen, not layton, not layton dying, not stds, not targent, others coming optional, posting inappropriate photos, professor layton, puzzles, rageface, raging, rape, ruins, science, sex, sex-relations, sharon liedle, shopping sprees, shopping with henrys money, sleeping with everyone, solving puzzles, spreading rumors, stalking everyone, stealing laytons underwear, stripping, stripping other people, sword fighting, tempting henry, the art of seduction, the arts, time machines, touching people inappropriately, touching self inappropriately, touching slave inappropriately, tra la la, tralalas, trolling, trolling everyone, trying to kill layton, upsetting layton, using other people's property, video cameras, wearing ladies clothes, wearing laytons underwear, weird hats, winter is coming, women